SIPs stands for structural insulated panels. The panels are like a foam sandwich. With osb being the bread and foam being the goodies inside. There are different types of foam used with different companies. I like to use panels from Enercept. They use an expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) in their panels. The thing I like about the structural insulated panels is the uninterrupted amount of foam that reduces thermal bridging which brings down the R-value (insulation effectiveness) of a conventional framed house. If you want a more detailed description feel free to visit

If you drive by your typical subdivision on a cold morning you can see where every stud is in the house because there is no frost there. That is Thermal bridging; when the heat escapes out of your house or cold is allowed to enter.

A book by JOSEPH LSTIBUREK titled Builders Guide to Cold Climates is a great reference for thermal bridging, conditioned crawl spaces, r-value and much more resourceful information.

It is hard to know where to stop when tearing into a remodel project. I did a remodel project where we found a hollow foundation and asbestos everywhere. Taking care of those two things alone added a lot of unexpected cost. Typically a contractor runs into things unforeseen and has a desire to make it right before moving on. Doing things right always costs more money. However, I think communicating those unforeseen things and the cost of fixing them to the client is essential before moving on.

Sure. You can build in all seasons and because of better technology, with respect to concrete work and mold protection options, it makes it easier for any stage of the home to be started or finished. The bad part about building in the winter is that the cost usually goes up because it generally takes longer to build. One winter we had to shovel 4 feet of snow out of a lower level on a house we were building. That took some time. The tools also suffer in the extreme cold so that makes it a little more difficult as well.

No. As a licensed general contractor we are authorized in all types of residential and commercial construction.

Yes. This is something that will be discussed in the bid stage of the project. If you want to do some of the work on your project, please let us know up front.